CARDADDY.org is a non-profit children’s charity that connects children battling cancer with the owners of classic and exotic cars to provide a child with the Ride-of-a-Lifetime in the car of their dreams. Each CARDADDY.org event begins with an interview of the child and his or her family. We strive to gain a greater understanding of each child’s challenge, how he or she has faced this challenge, and how each family has been affected by their unique situation. We ask each child to describe their dream ride as they envision it. We then go out and make this vision a reality.

Each event also includes an interview with the owner of the car we have chosen to best meet the dream of each child. The proud owners of these unique and treasured cars have fascinating stories of how they acquired their cars, the work they have done to them and the history of each car. The generosity and compassion of these car owners shines through in each CARDADDY.org event. We then make the connection, scheduling a day for the child’s dream ride. The location and route for each ride are approved by the parents, children and car owners. We photograph and film each ride, donating the pictures and video to the families and car owners, as a treasured memory of a once-in-a-lifetime dream come true. Come take a peek at some of their stories.

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The Organization

davidCARDADDY.org was started by David Knight, a professional race car driver and lifelong car enthusiast who loves helping children. David built a successful business from scratch and grew it for thirty years all while maintaining his enthusiasm for the automotive world, supporting local charities and volunteering to coach ski racing to children for all those years. David lost his father to cancer in the year 2000. Eventually, with the support of family and friends, he was able to find a way to go auto racing himself, entering many amateur and professional races and collecting many trophies for his efforts. Once retired, he decided to combine his love for cars and the satisfaction of working with children all those years…and CARDADDY.org was born. Now the entire car community has a way to directly benefit a child who deserves a glimmer of happiness in their challenging world. CARDADDY.org has a board of directors and a team of volunteers who are all equally enthusiastic and dedicated to bringing this rare gift to each child we serve.