Children / Parents

Dream rides are generally offered to participants who are approximately 8–21 years old

Each event begins with an interview of the child and his or her parents. We strive to gain a greater understanding of each child’s challenge, how he or she has faced this challenge, and how each family has been affected by their unique situation. We ask each child to describe their dream ride as they envision it. We then go out and make this vision a reality.

We understand that each child’s situation is unique. Therefore parents and children will guide each event in a way that is best suited to each individual family’s needs. A child’s ride can span the range from just sitting in their dream car all the way up to an extensive ride through the countryside. Our goal is to tailor each event to best benefit each child involved. Every event is designed to take each child to a magical place that they never dreamed they would actually experience.

If you have a child that would like to participate in a dream ride, please complete the short form below and we will contact you with more details.

Child Referral Form